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Sale of approximately 100 cattle to include: 12 SD x Lim Steers & Heifers 6-7mo, 12 SD and Here x SD Steers & Heifers 6-18mo, 12 Purebred SD Steers & Heifers 5-12mo, 3 Black Lim X SD Steers 8mo, 3 AA x SD Steers 6-8mo, 3 AA x B Galloway Steers 6-8mo, 3 Black Lim x SD Steers 8mo, 4 Lim x SD Steers 5-6mo, 2 SD x Char Heifers 6mo, 1 SD x B. Galloway Heifers 6mo, 8 Black Lim x SD Heifers 8-9mo, 7 Lim x SD Heifers 6-7mo, 6 suckled calves, 2 Pure bred Devon cow and bull calf (April born) at foot, PD to Devon bull due in April. Pasture fed, managed organically but not certified, 1 Angus x Cow 4 years old PD to calf in April to a Devon Bull.

Sale starts at 11:00am

For more information please contact Chagford Office on 01647 432277