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Chagford Country Fair & sale Report

A highly successful sale was held at Chagford Market Country Fair & Sale
Close to 250 sheep were penned with Store Lambs selling to £60 for Messrs IGS Mortimore & Son & Ewe lambs to £58 for Tony Mears.
Ewes sold to £89 for Polled Dorsets from P.Cole, Greyface Dartmoors to £78 for Mesdames Kirkham & Brailsford, Wensleydales to £66, Herdwicks to £50
Rams to £250 for Texel 2T from Mr M Mortimore winner of the prize voucher for £20 for the top price ram. Greyface Dartmoors to £90 for A Martin & Whiteface Dartmoors to £60.
A wide selection of Poultry met a very good level of interest with Cream Leghorn Pullets topping the sale at £16. Other pullet prices, Light Sussex £12, Goldlines to £12, Cuckoo Marans to £11, Blue Marans to £11, Welsummers to £11 etc.
Hens, Goldlines to £10, Light Sussex to £9, Blue Marans to £7, Pekins to £7, Leghorns to £7
Ducks, Call to £10, Blue Rib to £9, Khaki Campbell to £7
Ponies as expected experienced a difficult time for some good quality halter led ponies with a top of £90 for a skewbald filly, Dartmoor fillys to £30, Geldings to £20 and Shetland X filly to £30
Sundries & Plants met a good trade with Poultry House £30, Plastic Feeders to £15, Poultry Crate £24, Electric Brooder £18
The next sale at Chagford will be the Annual Drift Sale of Ponies which is being held on Thursday, 9th October.