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Chagford Market Spring Fair Sale of Poultry & Machinery

Saturday 23rd April 2016. Sale starts at 11.00 am.

Entires include: 

MACHINERY & SUNDRIES incl. 1953 Ferguson T20 Diesel Tractor, Various Ferguson Attachements, Teagle 4' Topper  with break clutch (approx. 5-6 years old), 2003 Reg. Fiat Stilo Estate Car, Rice Plant Trailer (with ramps), Teagle Fertiliser Spreader, MF 20 Dung spreader, Petter Standing Engine, Twose Buck Rake, Tractor Cement Mixer, Quad Bike, Wood Burning Stove, 15’ Feed Barrier, Clay Trap, Electric Auger Motor, Extendable Ladder, Steel Shelving, Flexinet, Chainsaw, Strimmer, Helmet, Welding Rods, Tow Chains, Garden Tools, Tamps, Axes, Petrol Cans, Workshop Tools and Sundries etc.
POULTRY: Approx 70 lots total inc. 20 lots of FR/VAC (most POL/Laying) hens inc. Goldline, White Leghorn, Fenton Blue, Light Sussex, Blue Maran, Rhode Rock, Silver Sussex, Grey Orpington, Rhode Island Red, Gold Legbar, White Sussex. 20 lots inc. Brown Hens, Burford Browns, Black Rock, Silver Sussex hens, Naked Neck pullets, Silkies. 6 lots inc. Silkie Bantams, Wyandotte Bantams and Pekin Bantams. 4 lots inc. Silkies and Quail. 3 lots inc. Khaki Campbell duckling, Black Mottled Pekin, Rhode Island Red pullets. 5 Lots inc. Croad Langshaw, Transylvanian Naked Necks and Light Sussex.3 boxes of chicks and 3 boxes Copper Black/Wheaten eggs.

Please click on the following link to view the full 'Sale Catalogue'.