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July Cattle Fair at Newton Abbot Market including sale of 100 prime, cull & store cattle Incl: 10 Cull Cows, 24 12-14mo Cont x Steers, 10 12-14mo Cont x Hfrs, 7 Young Cows & Calves, 7 I/C 2nd Calvers, 4 Pedigree South Devon Polled 2nd & 3rd Calving cows with young calves, 2 AA x Cows (13 born) with 2 AA x Bull calves sired by Ped AA Bull, 8 18mo stores etc plus weekly sale of lambs and ewes.

Sale starts at 11:00am with further entries invited.

For more information please contact Newton Abbot office 01626 353881.