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Short Notice - Saturday 24th November 2018 at 11:00 am

Sale of stone working, masonry, stone & sundries at Edginswell Lane, Torquay, TQ2 7JF on behalf of Stone Company Ltd.

Canteen in attendance.

NB - Parking restricted, please park near Edginswell Business park and walk to the sale (5 minute walk).

Including: Hi lift Pallet Lifter 1,000 kg,  Low level Pallet Mover, 2x Stoneheath  Doff Hot water steam cleaners, c/w pumps and hot boxes, 2 x 110v Pressure Washers, Stoneheath Tor C media blast, 14" Saw bench  c/w water diamond  bore TS350 m, Abortec Reciprocating Saw, Crocodile Saw, Wetcut Petrol Saw. Compressor single tool 50L, Silent running Generator, 5ka 240/110, Honda Generator, 6 x 9in Stone Cutters (5 x 110v + 1 x 240), 7 x 4 l/2in cordless Cutters 110 v, 2 Cement Mixers, 2 x 6 m scaffold towers, 10 acroprops, 8 trestles, 2 ridge ladders, 3 x 3 m section galv. ladders, 2 x 2 section galv. ladders, 2 x 3 triple section ladders, 2 ridge ladders, High level step, 6 task lights, 1 rechargeable task light, 2 tripod 110v task lights, 2 step up transformers 110 to 240v, 3 x 5 kva transformers, 6 x 3 kva transformer, Abortec Reciprocating Saw, Crocodile Saw, Wetcut Petrol Saw, Pressure water pump, 2 chain blocks, Quantity of restoration mortar,  natural hydraulic lime, pressure grout filler, Qty of stone inc cut blocks, Various items of cordless saw drills,
torches, etc. etc.

Sale starts at 11:00am.

For more information please contact Ashburton Rural Department on 01364 654670.