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Chagford Summer Fair on Saturday 24th August 2019

Sale of over 600 Ewes, Ewe Lambs, Store Lambs and Rams at Chagford Market.

Sale to commence at 11:00 am. Canteen in attendance.

Entries Include:

Over 600 Sheep:
8 Suffolks (aged), 3 Dorset Horns, 13 Suffolk Mule Shearlings, 16 NC Mule Shearlings, 1 Cheviot x Shearling, 1 Dorset x Shearlings, 12 Texels (flock ages), 2 Texel Shearlings, 1 Jacob, 1 Jacob Hogg, 10 Pedigree Texels (flock ages), 3 Purebred Texels 6T, 4 Registered White Face Dartmoors FM, 4 Registered Grey Face Dartmoors 4T, 2 Registered Grey Face Dartmoors 2T, 1 pen Grey Face Dartmoor Shearlings, 4 pens Texel x Beltex, 1 pen Welsh Mules (Full Mouth), 1 pen Charolais x Cheviot 6T, 4 Kerry Hills (Full Mouth)

Store Lambs
7 Ewe Lambs, 2 Ram Lambs, 5 pens Texel x 5 Beltex, 75 Texel and Suffolk Store, 1 pen Suffolk Mule Store Lambs, 2 pens Texel Mule Store Lambs, 2 pens Suffolk x Texel Store Lambs, 1 pen Texel Cross Store Lambs, 6 Texel x Hoggs, 1 pen Scotch Mule Ewe, 2 pens Store Lambs, 1 pen Cheviot Mule Ewe, 2 pens Store Lambs, 35 Store Lambs, 25 Store Lambs, 1 pen Suffolk x Store Lambs, 1 pen Charolais x Store Lambs, 1 pen Mule Wether Lambs, 3 pens Store Lambs, 2 pens Store Lambs

3 Pedigree Texel Shearlings, 3 Bluefaced Leicester x Texel Shearlings, 3 Charollais x Texel Shearlings, 3 Beltex Shearling, 1 Charolais x Beltex Shearling, 1 Purebred Lleyn Shearling, Pedigree (Reg. 8969) GreyFace Dartmoor Shearling

10 Ponies (Some Halter Broken)

15 Lots of Hens and Pullets, 3 Maran Hens, 8 Call Ducks, 10 Guineafowl, Quartet of Polish Bantams, 5 Rhode Island Red

Lamb Creep Feeder Lamb Adopter, 2x Goose Huts Car Trailer, Stihl Strimmer, Duck/Goose House, Chicken House with Metal Frame and Large Run, Tractor Mounted Post Hole Borer Sleep & Gate Posts, 5x 10’ RSJs Angle & Tube Metal Lengths, Vintage Metal Wheels, Trough, Plough, Pipes Manhole Covers and Grids, Qty. of Gate posts Qty. of cast wheels, Electric Fencing Sundries Aluminium Workbench, Slate Slab Chicken Wire, Qty. Tractor Signs Qty. of Hand tools, Boat Winch Qty. of Children’s Bicycles, Qty. of tow chains Qty. of axes and hatchets, Garden Furniture Gardening Pots and Tools

For more information please contact Rendells Chagford on 01647 432277 or click on the link to view the sale catalogue: