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Newton Abbot Market - Wednesday 4th September 2019

This Wednesday 4th September 2019

September Store Cattle Fair to include genuine dispersal of 54 head of South Devon Cattle on behalf of the Executors of Miss EE Andrew being:

17 South Devon Cows with 18 Calves at foot
10 South Devon Cows In Calf or been running with Bull
8 Bulling and Maiden South Devon Heifers
1 South Devon Bull

Further Entries Include:

5 Fat Cattle, 5 Cull Cows, 5 Pedigree South Devon Cows with Calves at foot (Moorland & Smithill Prefix), 4 Pedigree South Heifers 12mo, 5 South Devon Steers 19mo, 6 South Devon Heifers 18-24mo, 6 Simmental Steers and Heifers 18mo, 10 Lim x Heifers 12mo, 5 Continental Steers & Heifers 12mo, 10 Steers and Heifers etc.

For more information please contact Rendells Newton Abbot Office on 01626 353881