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Saturday 29th August 2020 at Chagford Market

Sale of Sheep, Poultry, Machinery & Sundries at Chagford Market, Sale starts at 11:00am.

Sale to include nearly

500 Sheep including

100 Ewes being Texel x, BFL, WM X Cheviot, Scotch, Zwartbles, Dorset etc,

350 Store Lambs being Suffolk, Suffolk x Tex, Tex etc.

Ewe Lambs being Texel Mule, Texel x BFL, Scotch Mule, Char x,

Rams being BFL, Suffolk and Tex x etc

60 Cages of Poultry including Columbian Black Tail, Hubbard’s, White Leghorn, Gold lines, Blue Marans, Speckledy, Welsummer, Cherry Valley, Turkeys, Cayuga, White Campbell, Lavender Muschata Ducks, Silver lace Campine, Gold lace Wyandotte Bantams, 6 Guinea Fowls (white), Light Sussex, Rhode Island Red, Light Sussex Yearling Hens, Pr. Buff Orpington, Pr. Ancona x, 20 week old layers, Pr. Shamo Game, Trio Large Indian Game, Silkie Hen, Transylvanian Naked Neck Bantam Hen plus ducks

Machinery & Sundries to Include: IH 238 Tractor, 21ft Flat Bed Trailer, 2002 petrol Freelander 73k miles with service history MOT Feb2021, Manual Bale Wrapper, 1984 HB 505 Horse Trailer, Dumpy bags of logs, Qty Bale Wrap 500mm, Bale Squeeze, 15 Street Lights, Qty Half Round Fencing Rails 4-5” mainly 12 ft long, 8 ft Diamond Pattern Field Gate, 2 x 10 ft Diamond Pattern Field Gate, Qty Hurdles  Horner Handheld Shearer Zipper 2, Hotline Falcon 1.7 Electric Fencer, Solar Panel & Battery, Hotline Hobby P450 Electric Fencer, Solar Panel & Battery, 2 Hay Racks, 1 Corner Hay Rack, Garden Wheeled Kneeler/Seat, Qty. of Hand tools etc.

Canteen in attendance

For more information please contact Rendells Chagford on 01647 432277 with catalogues available from: